Thursday, August 11, 2011


grey/blue dragonfly

huge black and blue dragonfly

blue damselfly w/pink flowers

blue damselfly on a stick

smaller black/blue dragonfly

blue damselfly on a stem

dragonfly between grasses

lotsa damselflies!

spotted dragonfly

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flowers and plants, round 2!

                                                                        Inside a Tulip

Purple Flower W/Drops

                                                                   Close up/Dandelion

                                                                        Easter Lily

sun w/ frost on plant

Sunshine Leaf

Yellow Frosty Flower

Drop of Water

Due Drops

purple coneflower

another purple flower

fake wild strawberry

thistle flower with fuzzies

white arches

yet another purple flower

Solomons seal

thistle flowers

mixed sunflowers

pink clover

holy pinecones!

sunflower w/bees


faded rose

another purple conflower

another fake wild strawberry

pink/white rose

white berries

pink flowers w/wasp

sunset thru plants

not quite sure!

pink flowers w/bee taking off

unusual sunflower

red/orange sunflower

life finds a way

never give up!

yellow/orange sunflower

broom corn/sunflower

lemon yellow sunflower

red sunflower w/bee