Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flowers and Plants

 Sunflower W/ Bee
Wagon Wheel

Light Pink Rose

Pink Rose/W Bee

purple flower/angle

tree w/ white flower

two trees

white flower

three purple flowers

white flowers

red leaves

lotsa purple flowers

dandelion puffs

pink and red

bright yellow

flower w/ants

two white flowers

purple iris

lotsa white flowers

purple/white with water drops

purple/white with kitty

branches against sky

single orange flower


red leaves, white buds

purple/white daisy

bee on a dandelion

purple blue flowers


green flowers w/ fence


two roses


red berries

angled w/water droplets

seed sprouting

rose bud

opening rose w/water drops

2 orange flowers/green background

lotsa little sprouts

purple w/stripes

blue sweet pea

extreme angle

yellow flowers against water

lotsa roses

lit up rose

opening daisy

light purple w/dandelion puff

pink flowers

purple/pink w/stripes


dandelion puff and rose

drying out daisy

white w/black stripes


purple thistles blooming

ugly mushroom

ladybug on red buds

ladybug on more red buds

 ladybug hiding in leaves

ladybug w/a lot of red buds

orange lily w/water

ladybug on a leaf

orange lily

 purple thistles

daisy w/ a lily